News From Tim

As we begin this new year, there is excitement and opportunity in the air. Before the hustle begins, I wanted to reflect on this last year and how we have learned to grow even in a challenging year. 

One obvious challenge we have all felt is the slowdown of inventory. In that challenge, I am so pleased with how we have adjusted and adapted to continuing to reach out with off brands and acquiring inventory. I want to offer a special thanks and recognition to Edgar Padilla and Matt Clodfelter who have been key leaders in this adaptation. 

One great joy this year was getting to celebrate our 95th anniversary. In remembering how far we have come in these years, it was such a joy to partner with Victory Junction, Caring Services, Open Door Ministry and Macedonia Family Resource Center. We are looking for new nonprofit supports for 2022 and will be excited to join with places in our local neighborhoods for the betterment of our city.  

I also want to recognize and thank Christine Dowdy and the 51 years she spent dedicated to Ilderton, working with Horace G Ilderton, T Carey Ilderton and now Steve and I. Our company survived many challenges with the help of her expertise and professional guidance. We can’t thank her enough for her dedication. 

Within all the changes this year, new leaders have emerged. With the help of Dave Garbarz (CFO), Jeff Blosse (General Manager), Christopher Ilderton (Fixed Ops director), and Catherine Martin (Conversion). Some of our new key employees that have come on board this year are Scott Bailey (General Sales Manager), whose previous career is from Lexus Automotive, Eddie Scott (Controller), whose previous career was with Flow Automotive and elevated to a sales manager at the desk is Mia Sotello. 

Continuing training is imperative for our company to keep the success that we have achieved in 2021. Many certifications and graduations have occurred this year to keep us all in good standing with the new standards of Stellantis. We thank you for your continued drive and efforts to grow our business. 

Additional accomplishments have occurred through our meetings with Mr. Wayne Rutherford, for our leadership advisory group and our Supervisor Group. You have seen some of the signs posted around our store to promote our Core Values based on “ILDERTON.” These words will be expanded upon throughout 2022 as we embrace them to be the way we have and will carry ourselves every day.


I feel many other accomplishments have been achieved in 2021. We have the new Grand Wagoneer on the ground, receiving great reviews by all parties!! This will be a good start to our 2022 model year. 

Keep up your dedicated work!

Tim Ilderton, CEO

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